Thursday, April 28, 2016

What was Old ... is New Again part 1

TeenBoy was about to turn 20 so...
We figured that it was time to update his bedroom.

This is what his bedside table looks like now...
Before the makeover it was a plain unfinished aspen table .

Some Fox Black ( HGTV from Lowes) semi-gloss paint
a couple sponge brushes
tissue paper
clear furniture wax
Mod Podge

That's all it took to create a Grown-Up bedside table!

I cleaned and sanded the entire cabinet- this was a chore since TeenBoy had been writing on it with chalk... and apparently used the top to keep his pen knife- knife embedded in the wooden top!
Once all the dirt and saw dust were wiped off I painted it Fox Black inside and out with a soft bristle brush. Two coats went on the sides and inside while three were used on the top and back.

Next- I wanted to make it a little snazzy looking with a contrasting, yet manly, treatment on the drawer to add texture, color and interest as the entire room is tan and the floor a natural oak- you know, very light in color.

This look is created by putting a thick coat of mod podge on the drawer front (I did not paint it black but did sand it with the rest of the piece).   Next, I took a piece of white tissue paper- the kind left over from birthday and Christmas gift boxes- and balled it up really tight. Then I smoothed it out a bit and placed it over the mod podged area.     I used scissors to cut the excess from the edges and then added a thick coat of Mod Podge over the tissue paper- gently dabbing with a sponge brush so that the wrinkles stayed put.
Let this dry for about 25 hours and then paint with whatever color paint you would like. You can use latex or acrylic paint. 
Once dried- about 6 hours in this case because it was very hot that day- I used a spray acrylic sealer on the drawer front.

To seal the rest of the cabinet I used clear furniture wax - 2 coats. I buffed after each coat had dried and the final piece was ready!

A simple project for those who want to try something new on an old piece of furniture- beginners and old-timers alike!

Oh- and the brushed nickle nob is being changed- once I figure out what I want to replace it with!

More of TeenBoy's room reno will be coming soon!