Thursday, May 5, 2016

What was Old... Is New Again part 2

As promised-
Here is a some more of TeenBoy's bedroom Reno...

We took out his 20 year old carpet and installed cabin-grade oak hard wood flooring.
It is called cabin-grade because it is of varying lengths and has knot holes and color variations that are more rustic in appearance.

The walls were painted tan and the window trim and crown molding       were painted Fox Black.   The ceiling fan got a good scrubbing and then was spray painted oiled bronze hammered finish and the blades painted matte black.                 
The over-all effect is very sophisticated and clean and simple... 
and much more appealing to the Adult-Like TeenBoy than the teal carpet and dark green walls of his childhood...

The flooring came from Wood Floors Plus and was only .99 a square foot.  
More on this and the living room floor to come soon!