The Story of BusyMom

The Story of BusyMom

Okay, this is really an About Me page, but that's just so normal sounding!

Who I am
I am a 40-something mother of 6 whose ages range from a tween to a married real-live-adult-lke 30 year old with a child. So yes, this also makes me Grammy to FancyPants, my adorable granddaughter.

What I do
The BusyMom moniker is a working title... I work as a pediatric nurse, a sometimes sales person, VP and COO of TheBusyFamily ( HeMan Hubby holds the title of Pres and CEO because I like to share the blame, er, responsibility of our little paradise)- which includes the cooking, cleaning, chauffering and loving just to name a few of my never-ending duties.

Why do I blog?
According to TheBusyFamily, it's because I like to talk, even when no one is around.
In actuality, I started blogging to fill the void I felt as I left the 'lost years' of my 30's and entered into my 40's. I found that when I came up to breathe after a decade of family and financial chaos I was not where I had expected to be, but not quite sure where it was that I had expected to be either.

Blogging started out as little pep talks, or revelations to myself about myself, my family and the reasons behind the things I do.
It has become a sounding board for my thoughts and feelings, as well as a place to let me really be me. Saying and thinking the things that I would in the past keep hidden.

Has blogging accomplished what I wanted it to?
Yes... and No.
I have found that I feel more like the me that I was before the chaos that is my life started over 2 decades ago, so that is the Yes.
But, I am still not quite sure where I am headed or what I am supposed to do with my life... what direction it is leading me in.
And that would be the No.

Has blogging changed me?
Again the Yes and the No.
It has not changed me, but it has let me become outwardly the person that I have kept hidden inside for far too long. Witty remarks, satire and intelligence... I can now say and do things that I was once too afraid would be taken wrong or thought would make me too different from others.
The change is that now... I don't care. Well, I do care, but am no longer concerned that what I say or do will hurt others, or change their opinion of me.

Thus concludes my About Me page... if you want to learn more about me, you'll just have to go read some of my posts now, won't you?

Here are a few to get you started...
About Me