Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Me...Knitting a Sweater... who woulda thunk it?            

Yes !
I am knitting a sweater. Well, actually it's a jacket-y kind of thingy with cap sleeves and a cute wrap around look...

I found it on Knitty.com - a site that is a MUST SEE for anyone looking for a new project.

Here is the link to the jacket-thingy:


I'm looking forward to finishing this foray into knitted garments... my first, but hopefully not my last.

Did I mention I have NEVER knitted clothing before? Did I also mention I have never used a graph pattern instead of written pattern in my life...

I think I'm doing okay... So far.

Trying to get the right gauge... not as easy as it looks! 
Back panel done... only frogged it 3 times! 

Pattern Close UP