Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Owl You Need is ... a Little Peel and Stick

I got these peel and stick wall stickers at Pier 1 last year on sale...  
No idea what I would do with them, but I couldn't resist...can you blame me?

Then I found this frame at Hobby Lobby for half price after Christmas.

And an idea began to take shape on how to put  those Owl stickers I had been holding onto to good use.

All I needed was a little something special to make it come together...

and then I went to the dollar store...

And I found this transparent wall sticker with the perfect inspirational phrase...

Well, it's perfect for my family and what I them to believe...

Put it all together and you get...

To make your own inspirational wall art just do what I did :

1) clean the glass on both sides of the frame. The peel and stick graphics go on the front of the       glass so you can leave it in the frame.

2) place the frame-with glass in place- on a flat surface and simply arrange your peel and stick        wall stickers on the glass the way you want. Be sure to apply them from bottom to top, slowly      rubbing as you go to remove air bubbles.

3) To get a 3D look figure out where you will hang your framed art and arrange the inspirational     peel and stick graphic on the wall so that it is visible on the wall behind your framed piece.

The finished effect will have a 3D look from  the shadows cast by lighting or sun shining into the room.
Like this:

Oh- please ignore the messy sofa...a family of 6 lives here and I like throw pillows and blankets!

Next project is to fill the bottom of the wall with old family photos... not sure just how yet but I'll be posting it once I am!

Happy Crafting